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Elfie: A Dissection of Betrayal


The aroma of beach and coconut wafted through the studio of the artist Elfie Bennett, over the smell of the acrylics and pastels.

The consulting room of Dr. Stratton, a psychotherapist, is dominated by the discreet chill of pine forests.

In the nightmares of world-famous top model Leslie van Adelaide, the booming echoes of a long-ended cult concert from Donauinsel can still be felt.

The truth will restore its throne, says the Wiseman. But how? The personae of the book are victims, provocateurs, or initiators of love betrayal, and this will continue until they find the courage to seek the painful truth about themselves.

Ten questions will come closer to finding their answers, in each of the personae the ten answers will provoke the most unexpected responses.

I have assembled a city from the most beautiful places I have lived, equipped it with underground clubs and shops for lavender and honey, filled it with residents who aspire to the sunny heights of art and friendship. Any ambiguities are elucidated in the analyses of dreams, the obsessions of artists, and tears of sadness or happiness. This is My universe in which I take refuge when I am overcome by a sense of tedium here. In this way I live several lives. The same applies to you. You too will live a complementary life as you wander through the streets I invented and drink beer to the sounds of Grand Funk Railroad at the Kobe Blues Bar.

This is how it is in the novel “Elfie: A Dissection of Betrayal”